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Daredevil Is Ben Affleck's Motivation To Do Batman Vs. Superman

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 12/04/2013 - 09:37


This past August saw Warner Bros. announce Ben Affleck as the new Dark Knight for Batman Vs. Superman which also sees Henry Cavill return as the Man of Steel.

To say the internet exploded would be an understatement.

Fans like to bring up Affleck's first superhero gig with the 2003 Daredevil movie, with some considering it to be the worst superhero movie of all time, while still others state the director's cut isn't all that bad.

Now Ben Affleck lets it be known in a recent interview with Playboy that Daredevil just might be motivation for donning the cape and cowl of Batman.

"The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil," Affleck said. "It just kills me. I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got fucked up the way it did stays with me. Maybe that's part of the motivation to do Batman."

Affleck also offers why he chose to do Batman, which some said could be career suicide after the actor gained notoriety for movies such as Argo.

"It was a unique take on Batman that is still consistent with the mythology," Affleck said. "It made me excited. All of a sudden I had a reading of the character. When people see it, it will make more sense than it does now or even than it did to me initially."

Ben Affleck continues with mention how it will be different than the Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale Batman.

"I don't want to give away too much, but the idea for the new Batman is to redefine him in a way that doesn't compete with the Bale and Chris Nolan Batman but still exists with the Batman canon," Affleck offered. "It will be an older and wiser version, particularly as he relates to Henry Cavill's Superman character."

Check out the latest issue of Playboy for more with Ben Affleck.

"Batman Vs Superman" has a July 17, 2015 release also starring Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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