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Dan Slott Talks Superior Leading To Mini-Event; Combining With Another Book

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 10/09/2012 - 20:17


Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott recently attended the EMS Show in London and chatted with Talk Comix.

It was recently revealed that Slott and artist Ryan Stegman will be behind something "Superior," but we have to wait until this week's New York Comic-Con for more.

However, speaking with Talk Comix, Slott does offer a couple hints, as well as talks about something big taking place down the road next June.

First, regarding Amazing Spider-Man #700, the last of the series and the last that Slott will be on the title, Slott offers:

When #700 comes out you can expect to see my backside! No one will see me for ages. I am going off the internet. I am going off the grid. I expect people to launch possies and try to get me. There will be fan anger aplenty and tears and many Kleenex. “Why did you do this” will be shouted at me. It’s a big pivotal issue where something very enormous happens. It will change the landscape of Spider-Man’s world. Drastically!!!

Nothing is being undone. We are not going back and undoing an old story and saying “that didn’t happen” or “this didn’t happen”. We are doing something new it has never been done. BOOM! It goes off in this really different way. The next person working on Spider-Man is screwed! I pity that guy. The horror I have left him. The chasm i have left him in.

So with Slott's departure from Amazing Spider-Man, he goes on to whatever "Superior" may be, and offers that superior seems to be a pretty good description, as well as seemingly letting it slip that it is a Spider-Man book.

I am working with Ryan Stegman on Superior..... and Superior seems to be a pretty accurate word!

Now that I am on Spider-Man, I was like there is a character, I mean this big thing i am going to do.

I can’t say if it is for Spider-Man; there is this big thing I am going to do with another writer next June where the two of our books are going to combine and we are going to do a mini event between the two of us.

Slott goes on to mention the politics involved about getting a certain character that is paramount to the "Superior" mini-event story. He explains what actually took place at a Marvel retreat in that the editor didn't want to get involved in the "politics" of getting said character, but whichever writer was in-charge of said character actually asked Slott if they could use Slott's character (assuming Spider-Man), with Slott responding with an offer of "trade."

So what we know from Slott's words is that "Superior" will combine next June with another writer's book and involve a character that is central to their story, a character close to another certain Marvel writer.

The current thinking is that Slott and Stegman are doing something akin to Great Lakes Avengers (ala Lake Superior). What other book will their title combine with? And who is the "political" character in question?

Sounds good.