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Dan Slott Comes Through! Superior Spider-Man #9 Spoilers!

Matt McGloin
Posted: 05/01/2013 - 14:14


Superior Spider-Man #9 spoilers below.

It's alright, Dan, the issue is already out!


Today sees another controversial issue from Dan Slott, with this one perhaps the most controversial of all!

And it's something that our own Chris "Doc" Bushley has been on Dan's case about since Doc Ock first took over the body of Peter Parker.

As you know from reading issues of Amazing and Superior Spider-Man, when Dan Slott had Doc Ock take over Peter Parker, Dan took the easy way out by keeping Pete around in the form of a "ghost."

This calmed the Spidey fans, but at the same time it took away from the existing storyline as you just figured Peter Parker would be back eventually.

Well, NOT anymore!

In today's issue, Dan Slott pulls the trigger and Peter Parker is no more!

Ala Hulk and Bruce Banner, Doc Ock and Peter Parker fight in their mind, with Doc defeating Pete, and erasing the entire memory of Peter Parker!

Now it's only Doc Ock -  the Amazing Spider-Man - in control of the body!

But did Dan Slott leave an easy out like he did before?!


Head to your LCS and grab the issue -- if you can still find a copy!