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Dan DiDio On OMAC and DC Comics' Cancelled Titles Being Collected

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 01/13/2012 - 09:02



I was really disappointed to hear that one my favorites to come out of the New 52, O.M.A.C., had been cancelled with May's issue #8. Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen brought one heck of a fun book to the market at just the right time for me! Hopefully, this isn't the last we'll see of the big guy.

Along with O.M.A.C., five other books have been cancelled with their eighth issue; however what does that mean for the TPBs as they were collecting up to issue six? Dan DiDio, on his FB, informs us that the remaining three issues will be part of the collections.

"all the cancelled series will be collected and the page counts revised so that ever[y] issue printed is part of those collections. thanks"

Dan also thanks fans of O.M.A.C for their support, and promises to go out on a high note.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and support for OMAC! Keith and I have three more issues to go and we're working hard to end on the highest notes possible! We are trying to squeeze a lot of story in the final issues so look for the return of past villains, some insight into the origin of Brother Eye, the final confrontation with Max Lord, and what the hell is "Attack Command D"?
best, DD
He also offers up the following teaser for the last three issues:
ummmmmm someone does get shot in the head. that help?