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Common Talks More Green Lantern John Stewart

Matt McGloin
Posted: 02/14/2017 - 16:56

After watching John Wick 2, Common has my vote for Green Lantern John Stewart.

A couple of weeks ago saw actor/rapper Common state he wouldn't mind playing Green Lantern, and in a new interview says more of the same.

"I would love to, I’ll say that. That would be a blessing," Common told Yahoo Movies. "That would be incredible to get the opportunity. But that’s up to the studio and DC and those guys to see who they feel is the right person. But it would be an incredible honor and I would be geeked for that character and that role. I would go to the highest with that role."

Though Common did have a role in Suicide Squad, it was pretty small, so if they did cast Common as Green Lantern John Stewart I wouldn't think it would be that big of a deal.

Here's what Common had to say previously about GL:

"No, I haven't spoken to DC. John Stewart, the character, is amazing. When I had the opportunity of potentially being John Stewart, when we were working, I learned how he was part of the Green Lantern Corps and all that he was doing. He was kind of community-driven so I felt like, 'Oh, man, I love this character.'  He used his mind to do a lot of things, so I connected with him. I just love the character, but I don't know, I haven't talked to DC about it but, you know, hey! Yeah, I would love [to]. That would be an honor to play John Stewart." 

WB currently has the Green Lanten Corps movie in development said to be a buddy cop film with Hal Jordan and John Stewart set for a possible 2020 release date.