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Comic Book Men Season 1: Episode 2: Life After Clerks

Posted By: bamey
Mon, 02/20/2012 - 11:22

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:716:]]Disclaimer: I am a huge Kevin Smith and View Askewniverse Fan dating back to an early-90's college bender where I remember nothing except for watching Clerks and Mallrats. I've seen, read and listened to everything "The Other King of All Media" has done. Also having "Go to Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash" on my bucket list, I was pretty exited that they were bringing the personalities and the store to the small screen. After a lackluster first episode I sat down with a couple of beers for episode 2.

We open up with the age old nerd debate of time travel intertwined with Brian and Walt continuing to make Ming uncomfortable in his own skin. Cut to the podcast and onto another stereotypical game of "what superpower would you choose." Back at the stash, we pick things back up with a surprise appearance of the Adam West Batmobile, or what I referred to as Top Gear Nerdgasm Edition.  Post in store haggling interlude, cut to Kevin Smith calling Walt to plan an age old Red Bank tradition of "If Kevin's in town, then Hockey's going down." After the Mid-Life-Crisis of Infinite goals, we return to the store just in time for the arrival of Jason Mewes who decides he's going to work the Stash for the day resulting in expected random man child chaos. We then get schooled on the find art of prop light saber construction and authentication. Wrap up the show with cutting to the podcast and see ya next week.

In the end this Clerk's inspired episode was better than the first. I'm quickly coming to the realization that this show may not have been made for "us," but for the Big Bang Theory, reality show watching masses who don't really understand "our" culture, but find it interesting because "Geek is the new cool."

At this point I'll keep watching because I have faith that this can only get better, but at this point I'm staring at the "magic eye" picture...and I'm not seeing the schooner.