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Christian Bale Rumored To Return For Justice League Movie With Christopher Nolan

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 03/04/2013 - 02:44

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5947:]]We get some major new rumors on the Justice League movie in regards to the direction Warner Bros. is taking their superhero franchise.

The website Latino Review that recently came out with the Harrison Ford Star Wars rumor, Planet Hulk movies and "The Avengers 3" rumors, and Jason Momoa Guardians of the Galaxy movie rumor, has a batch of new ones for the Justice League movie.

Bear in mind all the rumors above were shot down, some numerous times, with the Hulk movie stating it's "1000% inaccurate."

They state Christopher Nolan is on board taking full control over the DC superhero movies and that anything related has to go through him.

It's said Nolan will be godfather/producing the Justice League movie while Zack Snyder may also be a producer and possibly a director.

Our own DC Entertainment source previously told us no Nolan, but that Snyder was being offered the director's chair and that David Goyer was also helping to write the Justice League movie, in addition to Snyder previously being said to be on as producer.

However, in previous interviews Christopher Nolan did seem to tease he was coming back which we pointed out in addition to brother Jonathan, who worked on The Dark Knight Rises as well.

It's further stated that Christoper Nolan and Zack Snyder are reshaping everything to bring back Christian Bale as Batman in response to Disney's The Avengers and recently acquired Star Wars franchises.

Previously, Christian Bale has said that he is not returning - and that then he would - but it would depend on the director and script. Obviously, if Christopher Nolan is attached, that would be a good reason for Bale's return.

It's also said Henry Cavill will go on to star as Superman in Justice League, which we first told you last June.