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Chris Yost Fixes Thor 3; Marvel Studios Backs Off

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/14/2015 - 15:20

I'm slightly disappointed to hear the following news as I haven't been too thrilled with Thor in the latest MCU movies. Thor was more or less used as the comic relief in Avengers 2 and had a big scene cut out, and now it's learned Thor: Ragnarok will get some added humor (of which didn't work for Thor: The Dark World).

BirthMoviesDeath reports that the initial Thor 3 script is considered by Marvel Studios as being "so serious and dark" that they have decided to bring in a comedy director to lighten things up with Taika Waititi.

It's said Waititi will bring the movie closer to what "Marvel fans expect," which I guess has become a bunch of one-liners and goofiness (ie Avengers 2).

The report does confirm the earlier rumor of the Hulk appearing, and it is also said Waititi will be "upping the humor" between the Green Goliath and Thor as the "two heroes will be taking a cosmic road trip together." 

What exactly that means remains to be seen as the report mentions even more humor may be added as: "Waititi may yet be joined by another writer to help brighten the corners of Ragnarok while maintaining writer Christopher Yost's apocalyptic vibe."

Marvel fans may recognize Chris Yost from his work in the comics as well as the popular animated series Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (which is light years better than Avengers Assemble).

The report also mentions Valkyrie may be used (or how about Angela).

Getting back to why I'm disappointed, Marvel Cosmic characters like Thor work better in space because their powers and origins are better and more easily accepted -- than say a talking raccoon on Earth -- so the humor in space epics needs to be downplayed, especially one titled "Ragnarok" (final battle; apocalypse). 

A Thor movie akin to the seriousness of Man of Steel (but better written) and Batman Vs. Superman definitely would have been worthy to see on the big screen. 

Honestly, while Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy was a major hit with movie goers and the box office, it didn't even come close to being as good as the Abnett and Lanning Marvel comics of the same name. I realize the Guardians of the Galaxy were rather unknown characters, but an analogy to help you understand our viewpoint would be to replace Star-Lord with Han Solo. How would Han Solo saying, "Dance off, bro?" come off in Empire Strikes Back? Or how about changing out Ronan for Darth Vader? Get it?

I was hoping Marvel Studios would eventually go with a more serious science-fiction movie (ie The Martian, Aliens, Intestellar, Oblivion) -- leave the Lost In Space stuff at home, guys.