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Chris Hemsworth Says Ragnarok For Thor 3

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/23/2013 - 17:03


While promoting Thor 2, Chris Hemsworth offers up some ideas about a potential Thor 3.

Hemsworth states he likes the cosmic aspects to Thor as it helps explain why the other Avengers aren't involved and says they could do the comic book storyline of Ragnarok.

He tells Screen Rant the following:

I think what’s good about this is that each time, with the Avengers, we sort of made it difficult to separate them each time there’s some sort of conflict it’s like where’s the rest of the team? And I liked that Thor has another universe or the universe to sort of take care of and keep him occupied. I think that in the comic book the sort of end of days, Armageddon aspect is probably the direction in which it will all head in. Where it’s sort of the end of all things and there’s obviously no script or anything when I read the comic books I thought it was an interesting way to go.

The idea of Ragnarok may even actually play into Thor 2 as it's speculated Malekith is empowered by/works for the Fire Demon Surtur, who is involved in the Norse End Times event, which a set image may have hinted at.

We also recently heard Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige mention Thor 3. He said that Thor 3 is more than likely when Loki will appear next, but added "if there is a Thor 3," as it depends on the success of Thor 2.

Thor 2 hits November 8th.


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