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CEO Jason Kothari on the return of Valiant Comics

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 06/02/2011 - 12:05

picEarlier it was announced that Valiant Comics would be returning to both print and digital in 2012 led by former Marvel CEO Peter Cuneo.

Comic fans of the 90s most definitely remember Valiant. Those were some of the comics I first picked up, including the free Unity comic with purchase of one or two others. From there, Valiant would explode onto the market competing with the two giants, Marvel and DC. Eventually, the market conditions and politics caught up with them. Valiant eventually found its home with Acclaim where the Valiant Universe was rebooted (if I recall correctly) and a series of video games were produced (which were actually really good!).

Acclaim went bankrupt in 2005 with Valiant Entertainment being formed and buying up the rights in 2007, which brings us to the present day. 

CBR has in interview up with Cuneo and the CEO of Valiant Comics, Jason Kothari.

Kothari discusses the reasoning and goals behind the new Valiant, a bit about the characters involved and a few of their plans.

Here's a rundown of the details.

Kothari explains the how's and why's regarding the formation of the new Valiant and the backing behind it. He says he's a big fan of the comics, and that they had a plan in mind to get them the necessary capital, which consisted of the following four steps:

The publishing of the recent Hard Cover reprints we've seen in the past few years; developing the characters into motion picture projects to demonstrate the potential; making sure to have a knowledgeable and accomplished management team; raising money to complete the first three steps.

Kothari was asked about specifics, release dates and titles, with his reply being it's a bit too early to reveal just what they have planned. He stated he is excited for what is to come and that they, "...have a powerful publishing plan that will breathe new life into Valiant."

Regarding which creators may be on board, Kothari mentions a list of names of previous creators, and that they would love to have any of them back.

Kothari does mention which characters they are looking at to take center stage in their new universe including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, and Harbinger. He notes the Gold Key characters (Magnus, Solar, Turok -- all at Dark Horse currently) will not be a part of the future.

Kothari is asked about the state of the economy and if there are any worries with, basically, launching a new line. Kothari responds that his backers are strong financial partners who believe comics are here to stay and that there is a place for them as people always like to escape into the world of comics.

Finishing up, Kothari responds to a question about their potential movie properties stating they have a number of projects in development.


Sounds like Valiant is here to stay! Looking forward to the new X-O!