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Carey bringing back Starjammers in 'X-Men Legacy'

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sat, 07/30/2011 - 20:27


Re-enter a legend.

With one cosmic event after another happening in September – DC’s Relaunch and Annihilators vs. Avengers in Earthfall come to mind – Re-enter a legend.

With one cosmic event after another happening in September – DC’s Relaunch and Annihilators vs. Avengers in Earthfall come to mind – let it out of the bag Friday that some old friends from War of Kings will soon be found, and more questions than answers will be discovered!

Longtime X-Men Legacy scribe Mike Carey and artist Steve Kurth will be bringing back the Starjammers (or at least some of them) as we discover where they have been and what’s up in the Shi’ar Empire as it begins another interstellar war with a brand new alien race, beginning in issue #255.

While the new arc, “Five Miles South of the Universe,” is not a continuation of DnA’s War of Kings event per se, it will still manage to be touched by what went down in that Shi’ar/Kree smackdown.

But this is a new locale, Casey said, far removed from the now-sealed Fault. “Five Miles South of the Universe” will see a unique quartet of mutants setting out to rescue their long-lost friends Havok, Polaris and Marvel Girl. The retrieval team includes some of Utopia’s most powerful personnel, but also among them are some of its most dangerous; Rogue, Magneto, Gambit -- and Frenzy!

And, being X-Men, their luck is as it always was: lousy. The rescue team finds itself smack dab in the heart of a burgeoning intergalactic brouhaha.

“The Shi’ar are directly involved -- in fact, the setting is a Shi’ar orbital station at the edge of what used to be the empire,” Carey told “The other race is one that the X-Men haven’t encountered before, the Grad Nan Holt. The dispute is a local one that’s arisen in the aftermath of the war between the Shi’ar and the Kree. There’s an indication that it’s just one of many local skirmishes that the Shi’ar have had to deal with since the Kree won the war and they became a client state. But in this case, there’s an aggravating factor, or a rogue element, which becomes apparent gradually. Someone is stirring the pot for their own reasons.”

X-readers will recall in the mini, X-Men: Kingbreaker, the Starjammers battled back to free their comrades from Vulcan’s clutches, but Starjammer Raza was infected and became a reluctant host to an alien symbiote that appears to be of the same race as Venom. The symbiote-controlled Raza subsequently became a member of the Emperor's Imperial Guard. Also, the Phoenix Force (right when it was needed most, natch) abandoned both Korvus’ blade and Marvel Girl. It was during a War of Kings-related Nova issue that Raza was freed from the symbiote and later accompanied Ch’od and the Imperial Guard in exploration of the Fault.

Whether we will see Ch’od, Raza or Korvus in the X-Men Legacy adventure is not told by Casey, but we can be assured that some cosmic derring-do will take place as X-Men and X-Jammers find out the secrets of the Shi’ar orbital station, Gul Damar.