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Captain America: First Avenger (2011) movie: Storyboards reveal ties to other movies and plot (spoilers)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 06/01/2011 - 22:55

picSpoilers, ahoy!

Some reported storyboards for Captain America: First Avenger have popped up on the official site of artist Martin Asbury.

Asbury is a British storyboard artist whose work includes an extensive list of hit movies such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Clash of the Titans 2 -- and Captain America, as credited on his site.

Seems Asbury has posted the storyboards for Captain America and is making them available to purchase.

The storyboards offer a glimpse into, perhaps, a scene --possibly even the finale -- that takes place in the movie with Cap, the Red Skull and the Tesseract (cosmic cube) on a bomber plane.

What's interesting about this, is that it was previously reported that Cap is found frozen in a bomber plane at the beginning of the movie -- and also the bomber plane is "fueled" by the cosmic cube that carries bombs and targets major cities.

Looking at the storyboards, we see Cap is on the bomber plane, going after the Red Skull -- with what appears to be an overloading cosmic cube. From there the cube explodes upward from inside the bomber plane.

Furthermore, the storyboards also reveal that the Red Skull has some kind of vision as the power of the cube reveals the Nine Realms - referencing the Thor movie (scene where Thor [Chris Hemsworth] explains Asgard, Midgard and the Nine Realms to Jane Foster [Natalie Portman]).

Speaking of the Thor movie, remember that the post-credit scene showed us Nick Fury having the cube? Did he discover it with Cap and the plane? Safe to assume the "exploding" cube is responsible for Cap showing up "frozen" in our time? From there, it links all the movies together to 2012 when Joss Whedon's The Avengers hits?


Or possibly these storyboards were not used giving Asbury the green light to release them?

Still, it's a good find and worth a look.

The guys over at Screen Rant turned me on to this where they go into further details with more possible relations and scenarios.

This movie just moved up a notch in my book!

Captain America: First Avenger hits theaters July 22nd, 2011 starring Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America and Hugo Weaving as his arch-enemy -- Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull.


Born during the Great Depression, Steve Rogers grew up a frail youth in a poor family. Horrified by the newsreel footage of the Nazis in Europe, Rogers was inspired to enlist in the army. However, because of his frailty and sickness, he was rejected.  Overhearing the boy’s earnest plea, General Chester Phillips offered Rogers the opportunity to take part in a special experiment… Operation: Rebirth. After weeks of tests, Rogers was at last administered the Super-Solider Serum and bombarded by ‘vita-rays.’  Steve Rogers emerged from the treatment with a body as perfect as a body can be and still be human. Rogers was then put through an intensive physical and tactical training program.  Three months later, he was given his first assignment as Captain America. Armed with his indestructible shield and battle savvy, Captain America has continued his war against evil both as a sentinel of liberty and as leader of the Avengers.