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Byron's Top 10 Superhero Costumes for Halloween!

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 10/18/2012 - 19:24


We have taken a look at quite a number of Top 10s over the course of the month-long Halloween scare-fest. This is the first one from an actual (though unscientific) poll of the school down the road from me, Grades 1-3. I found it very enlightening – and surprising!

So, without further adieu, here is how kids ages 5-9 filled created … Byron’s Top 10 Superhero Costumes for Halloween!

10. The Mighty Thor:While outfits coming with an Uru hammer accessory may be great for the young guys even post-Halloween (if they are worthy, remember), frankly we were not able to find that many male youngsters crazy about the Thunder God’s haircut. The wig did the “cool factor” in, we are afraid. Barely in the running.

9. Aquaman:The A-Man may be the coolest thing since Extremist armor in the funnies, but here in 21st Century Kidsworld we are afraid Arthur Curry’s sea king remains a well-known but still embarrassing joke. Again, barely made the pack. (Let’s work on that, Geoff.)

8. The Flash:I really expected the Scarlet Speedster to make it higher in this kids’ opinion poll, what with his great-looking suit, fantastic powers and his tee appearing regularly on Big Bang Theory. No way of knowing how these polls are gonna swing.

7. Green Lantern: See “The Flash” and add in a current Cartoon Network animated show. (Maybe this is why CN pulled DC Nation.)

6. Captain America: The flag, the shield, the Big A! Who could resist dressing as this super-soldier, the leader of almost every group of super-heroes he is on! Been a long time since WWII, but Cap still has it going on.

5. Iron Man: With such great exposure with his blockbuster movies and pushed to the hilt in the comics, I was surprised Tony Stark’s iron alter ego was not above No. 5 in the poll. Of course, when you look ahead, I guess you can see the reasons.

4. The Incredible Hulk: Yep, the green goliath still powers in there with the young folks, and some of those outfits with the extra-ginormous green fists … well, even some of my office mates cannot resist them. Too bad the Ben Grimm rocky orange pair didn’t let him join this elite few. Candy or Hulk smash!

3. Spider-ManWhether he is amazing, ultimate, spectacular, avenging or superior, this hero always draws the kids and the loot on Halloween and is the top seller (at least by our poll) for Marvel Comics characters. Take a bow, Spidey … whoever you are NOW.

2. Batman: I know right now that these kids are not reading the comic or they would be scared silly of this costume. But milder fare on TV and kid-friendly reruns on cable from a dozen eras brings Bats to No. 2 on our roster. (Gee, who could No. 1 be?)

1. Superman: It’s a bird, it’s a plane … No, it is the Man of Steel, and no matter how lame his comics have seemed in the New 52 era he remains the true measuring stick for the superhero in comics … or in costumes. Why, even the females have dreams of the Kryptonian, making stylized girls wear (not necessary a Super-girl costume) equally well-liked. Go figure.

Frankly, as a longtime reader of Marvel Comics, it was flabbergasting that the kids of today still take to the heroes that were popular when my dad was trick-or-treating: Superman and Batman! Spider-Man and the Hulk, part of mainstream culture since at least the late 1970s, also got there share of votes and then it went way, way, way down hill.

So be careful Oct. 31, you guys and ghouls, but not to worry. There will be a plethora of super-folk out there in the darkness to watch out for you (and your treats).