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Bring Back Richard Rider Nova Petition Is Up At Change.Org

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/30/2013 - 10:08


Seems after the last issue of NINO Nova fans finally(?) have had enough of Jeph Loeb's replacement for Richard Rider as a petition to bring back the original is up at

A user from Buenos Aires, Argentina actually started the petition to bring back Richard Rider as Nova; translated as follows:

I want to get back Nova Prime Richard Rider Because he is an awesome character, we, the fans of Richard are really sad: (We want him alive! Please we want him back in the main Marvel universe, 616.

We want you That Also show Nova has his own Corps! : D

I want us to return to Nova Prime Richard Rider because it's an amazing character, we, the fans of Richard are very sad: (I want to live! Please, I want back in the main Marvel Universe, 616.

We also show that Nova has its own Corps! : D

Richard Rider saw a resurgence with the 2005/6 Annihilation series helmed by Editor Andy Schmidt and Keith Giffen. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning would write the Annihilation: Nova mini-series and would go on to write the ongoing in 2007 that lasted for 36 issues before Axel Alonso and Jeph Loeb canceled it and rebooted it with NINO ("Nova In Name Only" as the fans refer to Sam Alexander). DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy was also "axeled" to make way for Bendis on a new Iron Man Avengers version because of the Marvel Studios movie.

Marvel Cosmic (if you could still call it that) was moved under the tutelage of Spider-Man editor Stephen Wacker, who it seemed didn't expect the negative online response from the "rabid" Marvel Cosmic fans - or at least wasn't ready for it. Wacker continues to be unprofessional as he berates fans online, regularly insults and demeans their opinions at various online forums (except our own) which may have negatively affected sales as the Loeb series consistently sells less than Abnett and Lanning's previous version that didn't get the Marvel hype machine behind it.

Tom Brevoort regularly answers fans questions about NINO and Richard Rider on his Tumblr account where he recently admitted NINO did indeed replace Richard Rider.

Marvel Cosmic fans are upset with the new direction of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy as it's the exact opposite of what they have come to expect with the previous regime, which didn't come with all the attention and had stable sales with events not related to Avengers or X-Men that stood on their own.

Joe Quesada has stated sales weren't a factor in the cancelation of the Abnett and Lanning run, and now it's looking likely Marvel Editorial's decision to change Cosmic has been the wrong one. 

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