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Brew's Crew: Zalkor

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 08/23/2012 - 09:52


(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with cosmic comics and their many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of He welcomes both raves and opposing views.)

By Byron Brewer

Here is a cosmic cat we will learn about together. After some time in the dust and emailing my sources, here is what I have to tell you bout – Zalkor!

It seems that Milos Abyss had learned of an ancient Zalgodian legend. The tale told of a supposedly mythical being by the name of Zalkor. He was also known as the "Granter of Wishes." No one had come close to Milos’ knowledge of the now-extinct Zalgodian race; Zalkor had remained stranded aboard an ancient Zalgodian spaceship near a red planet within the Egolix-7 dimension.

Falling through a dark hole, Abyss (ironic name, eh?) found his greatest dream: Zalkor! The large obese creature asked him for Skrimblatt, a large leaf-like substance that the creature fed off to survive. Abyss was ready and willing to transact the traditional bargain. The Skrimblatt was just out of Zalkor's reach, waiting for someone to bring it to the near-omnipotent but immobile behemoth. In centuries past, this service had been performed by Zalgodian High Priests, now long dead.

Abyss bargained with Zalkor for the Skrimblatt, making a deal that he would give it to the behemoth only if he allowed Abyss to become his Kalorion. Zalkor warned him of what he was requesting. In order to receive the power of the Kalorion, Abyss would have to relinquish his soul. Abyss quickly agreed to the terms of the bargain and the deal was made and Milos Abyss was no more, and the soulless Kalorion, Count Abyss, was born.

Abyss was now a cosmic being with nearly godlike powers. On that day, those two diverse creatures bonded in a fashion no one will probably understand. This was a union of master and slave, with each thinking the other subservient.

Together they ruled the universe in their particular reality. Nothing in their dimension could stand against them. World after world fell into submission, galaxy after galaxy paid homage to its new tyrant. Despite or maybe because of the loss of his soul to Zalkor, Count Abyss proved to be an exceptionally vicious and merciless despot. Nearly anything Abyss requested, Zalkor granted it. There was very little that his magic could not accomplish.

Count Abyss was only omnipotent within his own dimension, which is Zalkor's sphere of reality. Zalkor's power and might faded the further he or his agent ventured from their actuality, although they proved that their powers could be used in other dimensions through pawns and magical potions. This was proven when Abyss used a Zalkor-created love potion to seduce Adam Warlock into falling in love with Maya and eventually following her to Egolix-7 in his attempt to regain his soul.

While battling the soulless Count Abyss, Warlock used the righteous soul of Judge Kray-Tor to torment the evil count. The taint of a righteous soul caused Abyss to be unidentifiable by Zalkor, which allowed Darklore and Warlock to banish the evil tyrant to an unknown dimension.

The powerful Zalkor was left stranded within the dimension of Egolix-7. Who is feeding the Jaba-like alien Skrimblatt now is anyone’s guess!