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Brew's Crew: Protege

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 12/13/2013 - 20:00


Sometimes writers lose sight of what they are trying to do for what they themselves enjoy, and this serves no one except the writer. I am here to serve the CBN reader, and for no other reason.

When Brew’s Crew launched as What the D’ast? several years ago, one goal was to look at the very little known among the cosmic comics clan. Oh sure, we can take a gander at Green Lantern, the Silver Surfer, even Thor and Doc Strange.

But lesser known cosmic entities abound everywhere. Consider this a return to that egg. With …


Protégé is a cosmic being from an alternate future of the Marvel Universe. Now THAT is obscure! lol

The character, created by Jim Valentino, first surfaced in Guardians of the Galaxy #15 (August 1991) as the childlike ruler of the Universal Church of Truth of the alternate timeline/reality Marvel Comics designated as Earth-691.

He is depicted as a superhuman of unlimited potential, with the ability to duplicate not only super-powers but also the skills of others simply by observing the ability being used; thus, he could acquire the psycho-kenetic powers of Vance Astro as easily as he could the marksmanship ability of Astro's teammate Nikki simply by watching them in combat.

Within the context of the Marvel U., Protégé is the deity and leader of Universal Church of Truth to which Replica, a member of the Guardians, belongs. In order to save the lives of her teammates, she offers herself as a playmate to Protégé who is accompanied by Malevolence.

Later, Protégé uses its abilities to duplicate the powers of the Living Tribunal, nearly usurping its place in Marvel's cosmology! When attempts to defeat Protégé fail, the Living Tribunal states that any and all realities rest on Protégé's shoulders. And Protégé itself claims to have become the new One-Above-All.

Scathab the Approver, a Celestial, saves ALL realities by judging against Protégé. The Living Tribunal then absorbs Protégé into itself to prevent him from endangering the realities again.

Boy, they don’t write cosmic comics like THAT anymore!

I am missing Mark Gruenwald again …