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Brew's Crew: Evil Star



Robert Venditti is bringing some fun back to Green Lantern through the return of some nostalgic old villains. In my exclusive interview with the scribe elsewhere on CBN, he tells that one of those will be the second villain of the DCU known as … Evil Star!

As I discovered, Evil Star is a scientist from the planet Auron who dedicates himself to cheating death by drawing power from the stars. He invents the Starband (New Universe fans note: Starband, not -brand, lol); this makes him immortal but twists his mind toward evil and prematurely ages his fellow Aorans.

The people of Auron want him to destroy the Starband, but having tasted immortality he refuses to give it up. The ensuing battle leaves all of Auron lifeless except for the nameless (to us at least) scientist. Evil Star seeks new worlds to conquer and comes into frequent conflict with the Guardians of the Universe and the Green Lanterns, including our pal Hal.

The Guardians (old guard) later send Evil Star to the Erral Rehab Facility, where they use a brain wave nullifier in an attempt to cure him. This rehabilitation is only partially successful, as the nullifier stimulates his subconscious mind, recreating the Starlings, who bring him the Starband.

Evil Star flees to Earth (where else in all those sectors but 2814?) in a confused state, believing the Starlings are persecuting him. He fights with Ferrin Colos, one of the Darkstars, who floods Evil Star's mind with reminders of the lives he has taken, starting with his homeworld. Evil Star's mind shuts down, and he is returned to the Guardians for re-education.

Evil Star is later freed by Neron, with enhanced Starlings, but returned to captivity by the Darkstars and Guy Gardner.

It will be cool to see what Venditti has in mind for this venerable GL foe.