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Brew's Crew: Doomsday, the beast who killed Superman!

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sat, 06/22/2013 - 19:44


Mindless rage. Ultimate destruction. Or, as we used to say, Wolverine on acid.

That is Doomsday, the feral cosmic entity that haunted Krypton before its destruction and, in a 1992 storyline, the character who famously killed Superman!

In September, writer Greg Pak will unleash the beast upon a New 52 universe in a one-shot during Villains Month. (See CBN's exclusive interview with Pak about his Villains Month activity.)

Originally known as the Ultimate, he was born in prehistoric times on Krypton, long before the humanoid Kryptonian race gained dominance over the planet. It was a violent, hellish world where only the strong survived.

In an attempt to create the perfect being, the alien scientist Bertron decanted a human infant into the surface of the planet and it was immediately destroyed by the harsh environment. 

The remains of the infant were collected and cloned into a stronger being, over and over, time after time, as a form of accelerated artificial breeding. The agony of these clonings was carried in the being's artificial genes, driving the being to hate all life.

Eventually this artificial being gained the ability to survive on the rays of the sun alone, with no need for food or air, to return to life and adapt its ways to overcome whatever had killed it.

The Ultimate hunted and killed all the dangerous predators of Krypton, eventually killing Bertron himself whom he perceived as an enemy due to the painful "killings" his previous incarnations had endured.

The creature escaped Krypton on a supply ship and went on a killing spree across hundreds of worlds. In so doing, the Ultimate encountered nemeses such as Darkseid and members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Sensing the power of the Guardians of the Universe, the beast headed to Oa. A single Guardian sacrificed himself to save his planet and his universe, the energies released ripping a hole in space through which the creature fell.

Eventually, the Ultimate made its way to Earth and left a path of destruction across the Midwest.

The monster encountered the Justice League and, by way of Booster Gold, the media dubbed the cosmic creature "Doomsday."

Doomsday eventually entered into a one-on-one slobber knocker with Superman, and the two super-beings from Krypton beat each other seemingly to death in front of the Daily Planet.

What the New 52 Doomsday will be like, only Mr. Pak knows. See ya in September!