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The Brewer Report: Marvel re-assembles the Dark Avengers! (Again)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 05/09/2012 - 22:00

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1666:]]Forget Norman Osborn. Luke Cage is the man here.

Indeed, when the long-time Marvel Comics title Thunderbolts morphs next month into Dark Avengers with issue #175, two concepts of villainous groups trying to do good (well --) will become one.

The storylines and characters of the extant Thunderbolts will continue on, but added to the mix will be characters from the teams of Dark Avengers past, Osborn’s Dark Avengers.

How this affects the book and Cage’s team of villains is anybody’s guess. Especially that of current (and continuing) creative team, writer Jeff Parker and artists Declan Shalvey and Kev Walker.

In an interview with CBR, Parker reveals the Dark Avengers are brought together because of a situation in Sharzhad, a Middle Eastern country created by Patrick Zircher and him in their “Hulk of Arabia” arc in Hulk.

“The neat thing about Sharzhad is that it really seems to have its own rules and, like Mordor, you can't simply walk into it,” Parker said. “Sultan Magus is a very powerful figure who doesn't want you there.

“Luke Cage is ready to take a break from his duties and has been given the perfect point to opt out -- but chooses the opposite. He knows something wrong is going down and he does not like being manipulated.

“If you read ”˜Hulk of Arabia,’ you'll know, basically, what they're up against, but Magus has now had more time to further assimilate the alien tech that powers his country, and is now more ready to deal with powerful opponents like the Dark Avengers.”

And what of one of the T-Bolt’s/Dark Avengers’ most enigmatic members, the Man-Thing?

“We've just started getting pages with Man-Thing's return, and Kev Walker has pulled off another hat trick,” Parker said. “Without really changing his appearance, Kev has found a new way to show how Man-Thing interacts with the world. It's really cool.

“We're tired of our swamp guy taking a back seat to DC's! This is the year Man-Thing breaks out!”

Look for Dark Avengers #175 in June!