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Brevoort: 'We have big plans for Nova and Guardians'

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 04/22/2011 - 22:41

picA few days ago Cosmic Book News received word from Marvel EIC Axel Alonso that Marvel has "big plans for Cosmic" and that it will be "worth the wait."

Now, Marvel SVP of Publishing, Tom Brevoort, has spoken up about Marvel Cosmic, as well.

In discussing all things Avengers in his weekly CBR column, “Talk to the Hat,” Brevoort says that, yes indeed, the House of Ideas has not forgotten our guys Nova and Star-Lord.

Apparently after all our sobbing and grieving, it seems those Marvel gems we loved so much here at Cosmic Book News, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, ARE on “hiatus” after all, just waiting for the right moment to spring back to your LCS in a blast of triumph.

“The truth is, we don't hate Cosmic,” Brevoort says. “We have big plans for Nova and Guardians, but we're just not quite at the point where we're able to tell you about them yet. Sometimes this stuff takes time. And we'd love to be at the point where we could tell you so you’d stop beating us up about it, but we can’t do that until all of the pieces involved are properly in place. Cosmic fans can rest easy that there are plans down the line involving Nova and the Guardians in a major, massive, significant way. And as soon as we're in position to reveal what they are, we will. I know this will do nothing to stop them from pillaring me even further, but at least I've said my piece.”

Although I take exception to the idea that we have “pillared” Brevoort and others at Marvel, we here at CBN have gone out of our way, as have the loyal fans of Marvel Cosmic, to make it known what we want – both with our words (see this site the last year or so, plus the forum) -- and with our wallets (see the sales for Thanos Imperative vs. Chaos War).

And I am glad to hear, for the first time I believe, that there are plans afoot specifically for Nova and GotG. That is good news! It might be followed by the current Marvel Cosmic mantra, “… We're just not quite at the point where we're able to tell you about them yet.” But still, good news, and I would personally like to thank Tom for it.

In regards to fans continuing to "barrage" our favorite Editor at Marvel, how about once the creative team is announced we'll subside? Deal? Maybe even a week's break will be in order once the Marvel Cosmic "Fear Itself" tie-in is announced, seeing how this event is being dubbed "bigger than Civil War."

As to why The Annihilators were NOT called Cosmic Avengers (a sales leg up, Brevoort admits) and other fascinating behind-the-scenes editorial pieces, in addition to preview art for The Annihilators, check out "Talk To The Hat" on CBR.