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Brevoort clarifies upcoming 'Marvel Point One' One Shot: "our Rosetta Stone to the future."

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 07/29/2011 - 20:57

picYou might have missed this one, but at last weekend's SDCC, Marvel announced a new one shot, Marvel Point One, due in November.

Of course, like many, you may have assumed it was part of Marvel's ".1" group of comics that offers a good starting point for said issue, ie Amazing Spider-Man 654.1

However, that is not the case.

Think more the Avengers #5 chalkboard teaser that took the internet by storm giving us a look/teaser into the future of Marvel.

Tom Brevoort, Marvel SVPP, further explains the Marvel Point One One Shot in today's "Talk To The Hat" column over at CBR, describing it as "our Rosetta Stone to the future."

Here's the info:

Right. I'm glad you brought this up because it did get covered erroneously in a few places, and I wasn't sure if that was the coverage or what our guys said on the panel, but there was a disconnect somewhere. But yes, we are doing a one-shot in November literally called "Point One," and we've been describing it internally as "our Rosetta Stone to the future." Not just in terms of saying, "We have a big event coming next year, and here's stuff leading up to it," but instead in teeing several different initiatives up -- some short term, some longer term. Some series that are going to be launching and some big storylines that are going to be taking place in major titles.
So it's your one-stop shopping glimpse into the next year of Marvel. In a way, it's almost like the big time board we did in "Avengers" #5, but instead of a big chart in Tony Stark's cave, it's a big thick comic filled with stories by a number of creators. All the stories in "Point One" are completely new. They're not excerpts from upcoming issues or little previews of things. They're completely new stories being done for this one-shot by a bevy of our top creators. I can tell you that one of the stories is Matt and Terry setting up a bridge from "Fear Itself" into "Defenders," but there are a number of other high level, strong pedigree teams setting up things for the future in this book. There will be a wraparound that contextualizes what all these stories mean for the future.
It will harken back to what I think the Annuals used to be when everybody remembers them as being so great -- the big special issue that would come out and blow your mind with all the craziness in it. That's our goal with "Point One." It is literally the first point in the next year or 18 months of Marvel publishing. You can start here and experience a lot of stuff that give you a glimpse of what's coming and will hopefully energize you into following assorted Marvel titles and the Marvel line as a whole moving into 2012 and beyond.