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Branagh Doesn't Rule Out Return To Marvel Studios Movie; How about Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Strange?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 11/27/2011 - 15:45
kenneth branagh


While the Marvel Comics side of things sees their cosmic line get cancelled, the cosmic-theme among the related films seems to be blasting off out of this galaxy.

Not only is the upcoming The Avengers said to be filled with all sorts of outer-space aliens and such, but arguably the best Marvel Studio movie to come out this year was helmed by Kenneth Branagh, with Thor.

Branagh recently told Variety he had a wonderful experience working with Marvel, and doesn't rule out a return.

"I certainly wouldn't rule out a return to Marvel; we had an excellent collaboration."

Branagh's decision not to direct Thor 2 was based strictly based on timing, as the director was involved with other projects.

Well, seeing how Thor was cosmic, and that the next two movies coming out of the Marvel pipeline happen to be so as well, how about Kennth Branagh directing the Guardians of the Galaxy movie or Doctor Strange?

Personally, I think the director would be a good fit. Thor was light years ahead of not only Captain America: First Avenger, but last year's Iron Man 2 as well. Probably the only super hero movie to best Thor was X-Men: First Class.

Sorry, Cap fans, The First Avenger was right up there with Green Lantern as one of the worst. Both had major editing and story issues, IMO.

Branagh also fills readers in why he liked Thor so much.

"Of all the American comics, 'Thor' was the only one I was really familiar with from my childhood, and it intrigued me, maybe because it was a bit more European, with those Viking helmets and its basis in Norse myth. The scale was exciting, and I did love the character and the story. It had depth and gravity in addition to being an entertaining ride."

If you had your choice of director for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie or Doctor Strange, would Kenneth Branagh fit that bill? If not, who? Sounds off in the comments below!