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Brad Walker Now On Sinestro For DC Comics

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 10/16/2014 - 15:03


Superstar artist Brad Walker has departed Green Lantern: New Guardians with issue #35.

Walker announced on Facebook that he is going to be doing art on the Sinestro series for DC, with Cullen Bunn on as writer, starting with issue #9.

Brad Walker also let it be known that he intends to still collaborate with GL: NG writer Justin Jordan on other projects.

Look for Sinestro #9 in January.

Here is what Brad had to say:

Flattered by all the kind words I've seen about Green Lantern: New Guardians 35. I was about as happy with it as I get with my own work, so I'm glad it translated to others, as well. And it was a real push to get out, too.

With that said, in the sad news department, 35 was my last issue of New Guardians. The schedule on the book was always a beast, and at varying times, one of us in the chain was always saving the other, but this one just became the perfect storm. I'm sad to not finish the character arc we set about for Kyle, but I tried to draw this issue in a way that at least gave me (and fans of what I did on the book) some closure on at least one thread we'd started. So, those last few pages were something I was really happy with.

And never fear, Justin and I have already talked about what to work on next together. I've loved his writing, I've loved collaborating with him, and becoming friends with him, so I don't have a mind to cap that partnership here. We were surprisingly in synch on this book, especially considering we didn't know each other, previously. So, we're going to talk about what we can do next together, and hopefully, before too long, it will be in front of your face!

BUT, in the meantime, I can say that my next gig isn't far away. They told me I could start mentioning it at NYCC but they didn't get back to me saying so until Sunday, so I'll just write it here. As of issue 9, I'll be on SINESTRO, with Cullen Bunn! Really excited about it! I love his issues so far, so hopefully, I won't fuck up the momentum he's got! I'm following a couple great artists that I've followed before (strange), and I've been beaten up for doing so, in the past. Hopefully, my time on New Guardians will allow me to hit the ground running on this, and the transition to little old me won't seem so bad. Ha!

Anyway. Long winded, but I wanted to say all that before people noticed themselves, on GL:NG 36. Sad to leave, love the book, hate to not draw anymore New Gods, but I'll be reading, and GL fans aren't losing me, completely. Let me know how you like SINESTRO, when you get it!