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Brad Walker Is The Artist On DnA's Hypernaturals From BOOM! Studios

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 04/12/2012 - 11:17

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1374:]]A couple teasers from BOOM! Studios have let it be known that Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are going cosmic with their new series Hypernaturals.

It's just been revealed that the cosmic duo, known as DnA, are reuniting with fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy artist Brad Walker for the FCBD issue and the ongoing, with first issue hitting in July.

CBR got dibs on the news, with Andy Lanning stating that Brad helped create the characters and more.

Lanning: We were very, very lucky and very, very pleased to get Brad because obviously we have a very long relationship with him from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Heroes for Hire." There was a lot of arm-bending, a lot of negotiation, a lot of photos we took of him in compromising positions that enabled us to rope him in on this. Especially as he's got quite a lot of work at the moment doing Superman stuff, but he's got a fantastic style for character creation and the world-building side of stuff. So Brad has come on board to help us create this book and has really created the look of all the characters and the world. We initially were just getting him on board to do the design stuff, but we were eventually able to inveigle him to draw the issue, too.

To help Brad to be able to do that, we also have Andres on board, and we're going to be creating sections of the story specifically designed to be different scenes, flashbacks and stuff, so that the look is cohesive because he's telling another part of the story. Andres' actual style is very reminiscent of Brad's anyway, they sit very well together. Mark Irwin will be inking the whole book so he'll be bringing that all together with a nice overall feel.

With that news alone Marvel Cosmic fans should be salivating at the mouth, but Lanning offers more with mention that the book will have a similar feel to both GoTG and Legion.

Lanning: Also, we're quite deliberately taking what we enjoyed about the Legion, what we enjoyed about working on the Marvel cosmic, the elements within those that we had great fun playing with while we were allowed to play with those characters. This is our chance to do our version of that. There will be similarities to all sorts of existing paradigms and genre stuff, it's kind of like a mixed grab bag. We didn't want to limit ourselves by going, "oh no, we can't do that, it's too much like 'Legion.'" It's more a question of, what are the traditional elements that people will get and enjoy seeing a different take on, and a chance for us to explore that familiar territory but take it in a different direction that you wouldn't necessarily be allowed to, or continuity would hamstring you from developing, if you were working on something like the "Legion" or the "Guardians [of the Galaxy]" stuff we'd done before.

Regarding the Hypernaturals, Abnett offers, "Humankind has adapted and mutated and been genetically modified to suit the environments that they find themselves in. So from this advanced gene pool, every now and then you have what we call a 'hyper,' a super-powered person is created or mutated or pops up on the radar, and they get to try out for the Hypernaturals, which is the universal, cosmic superhero police force/peacekeeping team."

"They are the first line of defense and first line of justice and security in the Quantinuum. They are quite public," Lanning continued. "The members of the team are incredibly high profile, they're sort of the most famous men and women in the entire Quantinuum."

And you can read more about Hypernaturals over at CBR via the link above.