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Blade Trailer, Danger Room & Halloween Revealed For Marvel Heroes 2015

Posted By: Staff
Fri, 10/30/2015 - 17:53

Check out a batch of screenshots and info for Marvel Heroes 2015 including Blade, the Danger Room and the Halloween add-ons.

Playable Blade and Other Halloween Happenings
Is there a more appropriate Halloween addition to Marvel Heroes 2015 thanBlade? As the game’s 52nd playable character, the Daywalker enters the scene voiced by Dave Fennoy and dressed in attire inspired by amazing comic covers designed by Marko Djurdjevic for Blade’s 2006 series.

“On the surface Blade shares many qualities of other Marvel Heroes characters, but what makes him special are his flare and his vampiric powers,” says Gazillion’s Anthony Gallegos, who designed the character. “To really capture both of these, we looked to all pop-culture perceptions of Blade, taking note of what our fans were asking for and seeing how those worked into this storied Marvel character.

“The result is one of the flashier heroes we've ever made,” Gallegos continues. “Blade oozes style with his moves, a sort of confidence in his power that only further expresses his ferocity. Combine his awesome movement with his cool vampire-inspired powers and gameplay style, and I think he will play in a wholly different way from any character players have seen before.”

Blade’s original costume from TOMB OF DRACULA #10 is also available now as an alternate look.

Also available for Halloween:
· Franken-Castle enters the scene as a Team-Up – available for a limited time!
· The Symbiote Wolverine Enhanced Costume, inspired by the cover of NEW AVENGERS #35, comes with new animations and new voiceover by the incomparable Steve Blum.

The Infinitely Replayable Danger Room
The Danger Room comes our way November – but what makes it cool? We asked Michael May, Game Systems and Character Designer at Gazillion. “The Danger Room is an all-new experience, built for level 60-plus players of every skill and gear level. Inside, players are able to activate and enter ‘scenarios’ – randomly generated dungeons with affixes that alter the gameplay experience. In one scenario, you might have the challenge of not being able to use a healing medkit, but in exchange, have reduced cooldowns on all of your powers. Another scenario might amplify all enemies in the scenario with a particular affix, while also populating the area with dangerous landmines. The level of difficulty of these scenarios is variable – the easiest ones can be played the moment you reach level 60, but the hardest ones will require a combination of skill, strategy, and gear to complete. You decide how hard you want it to be and what level of challenge you want to play.”

And in Case You Missed It…
·  The “All-New All-Different” content released earlier this month has proven incredibly popular. If you haven’t seen the Spider-Gwen Team-Up or the new looks for Captain Marvel (the new in-game default codename for Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel), Thor (Jane Foster), Scarlet Witch or X-23 as the All-New Wolverine, what are you waiting for?

Marvel Heroes 2016 has also been announced for next year.

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