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Big Superman Things Coming To DC Comics Thanks To Man Of Steel Movie

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 01/11/2013 - 15:31

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5002:]]2013 looks to be the year of Superman for DC Comics thanks in part to the new Man of Steel movie starring Henry Cavill.

In their latest sales column with Newsarama, DC execs Bob Wayne and John Cunningham let it be known that a lot of Superman is in the pipeline this year.

We already know a new Scott Snyder and Jim Lee Superman Man of Steel comic is on the way, but it sounds as if DC has whole lot more planned.

They said they are hopeful they can get done with Superman what Batman has done for DC Comics.

I think we have the best opportunity we've had to date, this summer, to try to make Superman a driver of our backlist properties in the way that Batman movies have been drivers of our backlist properties.

I think, in the last few years, we've put together a very strong stable of potential tie-in books [for Superman]. We'll be taking some offers and some promotions that we're going to do out to the comic store market — those will become more public when we get into February, what we're going to be doing to support some of this.

But it is a challenge because we've never been able to make Superman tie-in in that way, but based on what we've seen about the movie and based on the books that we know we can line up to it, I think we have a really enormous opportunity to make this work.

Speaking of February, it's thought that is exactly when DC Comics will officially announce Snyder and Lee's new Superman Man of Steel comic book as well as a tie-in with Free Comic Book Day (as we pointed out in early December).

Cunningham also makes a point of emphasising the "Man of Steel" when talking about Superman.

We'll have more Superman stuff to come. Superman Man of Steel. It's going to be a big driver for us this year. 

Currently, the Batman comic books, also written by Scott Snyder, are riding high on the sales charts for DC Comics with four Batman related titles making the Top 10 in the December 2012 sales charts.

Early issues of both Action Comics and Superman were listed just as high as well, but seemed to have falter as of late.

Will the Man of Steel be able to come out on top? 

With Batman?

Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013.

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