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Review: Moriarty #9

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Fri, 02/24/2012 - 18:30

I am sorry I am coming in on the end of what looks to be a fantastic arc with this one, but one thing is clear to this novice reader from the get-go: Moriarty #9 is one intellectual and well thought out puzzler of a comic.

It is that fact alone that makes the reading of “The Lazarus Tree” so  fun, and I am sure I will go to my LCS next week and dig around for the first issues of this arc: Moriarty shows why he is indeed the reverse coin side of Mr. Holmes, leading readers to (and sometimes past) clues in tracking down what the professor seeks; stimulating the reader with his intellect while red herrings fail to frustrate; being -- well, almost Holmes-ish!

Writer Daniel Corey treats Moriarty a lot like Geoff Johns treats Sinestro or Marv Wolfman treated Dracula: our lead is obviously not a hero, not quite (to his mind, at least) a villain, and definitely has a point of view and a direction. In the Professor’s mind, there is method to his madness. Both the tragedy and absurdity come when he cannot realize why others cannot see this. Classic.

While I was not a big fan of Anthony Diecidue's art in this particular fable, it does the job of capturing mood and character, and the story is told.

While filtering through bins to collect the entirety of  “The Lazarus Tree,” I hope my mechanical failings last week do not keep you from running to your LCS immediately and seeking out Moriarty #9. It’s a bit of a challenge, and you will enjoy it.

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