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Bendis Says Groot Will Be In Avengers Assemble With Guardians of the Galaxy

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 05/21/2012 - 19:15

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1732:]]With the recent news that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be appearing in issue #6 of Avengers Assemble, ominously missing was any sign of "I Am GROOOOT!"

Fear not, Marvel Cosmic fans, Groot will be there. 

Marvel scribe, Brian Michael Bendis, recently said as much in an interview with Newsarama.

Nrama: You've mentioned in the past that Avengers Assemble would contain a big hint towards what you're working on post-Avengers, so can we not infer that you're going to be doing even more cosmic stuff past what you're doing in Avengers Assemble?

Bendis: Hey listen, I can't stop you from inferring. [Laughs.] It's going to be a lot of Groot. Lots of Groot. Dark Groot. Mighty Groot.

Nrama: But he's not on the cover to Avengers Assemble #6.

Bendis: He's in Drax's belt buckle, in the back, kind of sticking out of his butt a little bit, like MacGruber.

Groot will be, for those who need more of that joke, in Avengers Assemble.

Also of interest, Bendis claims coming to cosmic was just a natural progression and nothing to do with Marvel Studios and the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Or that when DnA had wrapped up their run, that all these creators wanted to jump onboard because they loved the Cosmic characters so much.

When DnA [Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning] were working on the cosmic stuff, there wasn't anybody at Marvel who wasn't just like, "stay out of their way." They clearly have an opus, let them do it. It was only until way after they had wrapped up that it became clear we all have a lot of affection for the characters. When we started talking about what we can do with them, and how sometimes they feel relegated to their own little corner of the Marvel Universe, sometimes like the X-Men do, you're like, "Let's bring them in!" Let's get them into the main circle, the Avengers circle, and have some fun.

So Marvel finally wants to involve Marvel Cosmic with the rest of the Marvel U., and even though Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige specifically mentions DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel doesn't choose to bring DnA in, but passes off Guardians of the Galaxy to a writer with no experience?


Or that two years ago when both Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy were placed on hiatus — DnA weren't told to wrap it up? For Jeph Loeb's new Kid Nova and obviously this new Guardians of the Galaxy?

No, it was only WAY AFTER DnA wrapped up their stuff did all these plans begin.

Sure thing, Bendis.