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Bendis Fears Guardians of the Galaxy; Will Mingle With X-Men

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 10/27/2012 - 23:41


Marvel held one of their Next Big thing panels with Brian Michael Bendis addressing his new All-New X-Men.

During the call-in, the scribe mentions how he was afraid of tackling new things, with mention of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bendis also went on to state that the Guardians of the Galaxy will interact with the X-Men, and hinted that as a result of messing with the space-time continuum that the effects would be felt in the Guardians of the Galaxy book as well.

Here's the excerpts (via Newsarama)

Was this the post-Avengers project Bendis mention that "scared" him?
Bendis says this and Guardians of the Galaxy, but his fears were based on the fact that "new is always scary," and he's not as scared now.

"There's so much going on emotionally, that to pull on that string — which, by the way, would unravel the entire sweater of the Marvel Universe — wouldn't accomplish anything," Bendis says. "What I am fascinated by is the power and responsibility of using time and space for your own selfish purposes. And there is a butterfly effect. I do believe that if you create some kind of disturbance on the space-time continuum, it will have an effect. It might have an effect on the galaxy. Hence the Guardians of the Galaxy."

Like Rick Remender and the others, I want to make the X-Men part of the Marvel Universe proper. That's why you'll see them interact not only with the Avengers, but let's say the Guardians of the Galaxy."