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Bendis Blames DnA For Killing Richard Rider Nova & Its Cancellation

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 08/18/2014 - 22:05


For those that have been e-mailing me why Cosmic Book News is not (and will never) support Bendis' Garbage of the Galaxy or Jeph Loeb's NINO Nova, it's because of comments like this.

Bendis is well aware of the Richard Rider Nova fans as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy loyalists.

Marvel is, too.

Well, Bendis over at Marvel's CBR is trying to push things off and blame DnA for the ones behind the cancellation of the 2007 Nova and 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy comics.

Below you can read Bendis' comments for yourself where he states DnA killed off Nova, and if it wasn't for "Bendis The Great," the characters wouldn't even be around.

Then you can read what DnA intended for their stuff if they were allowed to continue with it.

(note: bold my own emphasis)

It's funny, there are some die-hard and hardcore fans of DnA, god bless 'em, and already they're mad at me for what I've done. I understand loving a book's creative team, but they killed him. I'll take the hit for the stuff I've done. I've done plenty. You still want to yell at me for Hawkeye? I'll take it. I got it. I didn't kill any of the Guardians though!

DnA killed those characters. They wouldn't even be around if it wasn't for us bringing them back. So you can get off my ass a little bit on this one. [Laughs]

There would be no more Richard Rider stories at all if I wasn't writing one. So I don't know how else to put it. This one is not on me. I understand you have an affection for DnA, but you can't pretend they didn't write that part that you're mad about. It's OK to love and be frustrated by the work of creators, I do that to people all the time, but that's their thing. I've got my own stuff. I've got people mad at me that there's no Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe. They don't know what to do with me. I own that, but I'm not wearing their sins too.

I should point out the obvious to Bendis: We're not mad that Richard Rider was "killed off" (actually he was supposed to be temporarily marooned there), we are mad that you and Marvel cancelled their stuff to make way for the mockery that is your Garbage of the Galaxy and Loeb's NINO Nova, with just about every issue an insult to DnA's preceding work and fanbase.

Your crap Garbage of the Galaxy received more publicity with one single issue than their entire 25 issue run. Ditto for Loeb's NINO Nova and DnA's 36 issues of Nova.

Likewise: The DnA Marvel Cosmic line was cancelled when it became known that Marvel Studios was moving forward with a Guardians of the Galaxy movie -- of which you happen to be on the Marvel Studios creative team.

Thankfully, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn and Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige have class and thanked Abnett and Lanning numerous times for inspiring the multi-million dollar movie.

Gunn got both Abnett and Lanning back on Guardians of the Galaxy.

Not you.

Actually, I don't think Gunn once mentioned you, Bendis, and most recently insinuated that Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be going in a total different direction than your comic book.

I also won't be buying your Richard Rider story, any of your comics and won't buy (and never have) NINO Nova.

I hope others join me.


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