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Battlestar Galactica's Dirk Benedict Gets Own Comic From Blue Water: Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century

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Mon, 08/27/2012 - 17:45

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From the same company that brought you “The Misadventures of Adam West” comes a new spin off action packed space adventure—“Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century.”  Dirk Benedict is one of television’s most iconic figures of all time. Viewers sat riveted in front of their TV screens week-after-week as Starbuck hurtled through the stars in Battlestar Galactica and Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” from Pack fought his way from one adventure to the next on The A-Team. Benedict has accrued a rabid fan base of action lovers that followed his every adventure through space and beyond.

Now Benedict’s back, starring in his very own comic book, ready to be introduced to a new generation of action junkies. Dirk Benedict is signing autographs at a convention when a mysterious scientist appears, transporting Dirk to Earth’s far-flung future, where he discovers he’s mankind’s only hope against an oppressive computer and its robot army

"I have been on Broadway, in the movies, and on TV, but being ”˜Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century’ beats them all,” Dirk said. “Not only will I be forever young (without surgery!), I can smoke my beloved fumerellos, un-heckled, throughout the Universe."

The sci-fi comic was written by Scott Phillips and Benedict, himself.

I've been a Dirk Benedict fan ever since I was a kid and would stay up late to watch Sssssss on TV. It scared the heck out of me! And of course I was glued to the set every week for Battlestar Galactica,” Phillips said. “It's been a lot of fun working with Dirk on the comic—he's a very cool guy and tells some great stories. I hope his fans will dig what we're doing and enjoy the adventure. 

“When I started working on this comic for Bluewater, which I share with Bea Kimera, I came to realize that the script that Scott Phillips and Dirk Benedict, himself, wrote was what truly attracted me to this project,” said Guillermo, the artist. “Furthermore, I have been given the freedom to make my own decisions during the project, which has been a real pleasure. I cannot wait to share my artwork with all of my dearest friends and family and all of the ”˜Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century #1’ readers.”

“Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century” will be available in print in November for $3.99 at comic book stores everywhere, as well as digitally on the Nook, Kindle, and iPad. Availible now, is the “Misadventures of Adam West” #4  and The 1st spin-off, “The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar” issues #1 and #2.  You can catch Dirk 1st in a team-up with Adam West #6 coming in October.

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