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Batman Vs. Superman & Suicide Squad Toy Fair Mattel Figures Revealed & More

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Sun, 02/14/2016 - 20:17


Check out a batch of Mattel action figures below for Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad and the DC Multiverse line where we see Supergirl, The Dark Knight Returns Batman, Superman with the Doomsday Virus and more. It also looks like Doomsday is a build-a-figure.

The Batman that is a part of the Suicide Squad line also offers a slight, but not surprising spoiler. It's also unclear if the Lex Luthor figure is for Batman Vs. Superman or just a part of the regular line, but it does look a lot like Jesse Eisenberg.

(via Toy Ark)

Batman Vs. Superman:

Suicide Squad:
DC Multiverse:

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