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Batman Vs. Superman I Am Legend Easter Egg Explained

Posted By: Staff
Fri, 11/21/2014 - 19:07


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 debuted in theaters this week, directed by Francis Lawrence, who also happened to direct the 2007 Will Smith film, I am Legend, that had a Batman Vs. Superman billboard Easter Egg.

Now while doing press for The Hunger Games, Lawrence offers the following explanation:

The reason that it was there is that the producer and writer of I am Legend, Akiva Goldsman, actually wrote an early early - and I am going to get some of this wrong I know - there was a weird thing, where I think, I think Chris Nolan was supposed to do Troy or something, and there was a weird sort of mix up of things where he was supposed to do one thing and another filmmaker -  I want to say Wolfgang Petersen - was supposed to do Batman/Superman. It got switched around. That script got dropped. Wolfgang took Troy. Chris Nolan took the Batman movie. Right. It became his Batman trilogy.

I know I am getting it wrong, so please, nobody hold me on this, but I remember hearing these stories, but Akiva wrote that Batman/Superman. And this was years before. This was before Constantine [2005 - also directed by Lawrence]. Then we were thinking,  'What movies would it be fun to put up that would have been on the screen when the plague hit that caused all the damage.' And he thought 'okay, let's do Batman/Superman.

And just recently I ran into Akiva - I haven't seen him in a long time - and we were talking about it, and he actually said, 'You know, Warner Bros. actually never gave us permission to even put the Batman/Superman logo in there.' I thought we had actually gone to them and we asked them and gone through legal and all that, but nobody actually ever gave us permission. It is all Warner family, so what are they going to do, sue themselves.

It was all Akiva and I, it was all our ideas. An Easter Egg. Especially his connection originally to that material, and we just kind of thought it would be a fun thing to do. I honestly don't even know where the logo came from. I didn't hire an artist to do a Batman/Superman thing, it was somehow pulled from Warner Bros.

You can watch the actual scene below, and on a side note, WB has plans to reboot I Am Legend minus Will Smith.