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Batman Vs. Superman Features A Nude Scene

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Fri, 03/11/2016 - 16:08

Batman Vs. Superman Fight Scene Clip

We known an R-rated home video release of Batman Vs. Superman is on the way, and now it's learned the theatrical version may feature a bum shot (our best guess).

India has censored the PG-13 rated version of Batman Vs. Superman citing the reason as a scene features "a fleeting nude figure."

The India board of censors noted some of the scenes weren't suitable for younger viewers (via

The CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) was very keen that the film be seen by youngsters. But some of the content isn’t completely suitable for viewing by underage audiences. While the violence is done in the spirit of a comicbook adventure, the film was rated UA (suitable for underage viewers accompanied by an adult), with just one visual cut… of a fleeting nude figure.

India recently censored Deadpool as well.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has a March 25, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Ray Fisher as Cyborg with Callan Mulvey, Holly Hunter as Senator Finch and Tao Okamoto as Mercy Graves. Justice League is to follow directed by Zack Snyder as well.


Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.