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Batman, Doomsday, Star Labs, Kandor Easter Eggs In Man of Steel Blu-Ray Extras

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 11/14/2013 - 09:14

This week saw the release of the Man of Steel Blu-Ray that came packed with extra features.

Last night I sat down and watched them and found a few extra Easter Eggs that were part of the featurettes.

Doomsday can be seen in one image as the Kryptonian language was translated in a documentary. It became known that when the Scout ship first activated, it sent out a beacon which is how Zod discovered the Earth. Well, communications between the Scout ship and Black Zero never stopped as the ships continuously sent info back and forth, which the military was able to intercept. This is how mankind is able to know so much about Kryptonian technology and history. It was also revealed that the Scout ship looked more ornamental than "present day" Krypton and Zod's ships because it was created at the height of Kryptonian civilization.


We also get another Batman Easter Egg in the form of a newspaper article. Wayne Enterprises stock is shown not to be affected by the Kryptonian invasion, so we can at least rule out  Bruce Wayne being ticked at Superman in the next movie as a result of a hit on his wallet.


We also see Star Labs was involved in researching the Kryptonians as the documentary was able to get its hands on classified information. Previously it was also revealed that LexCorp provided assistance as well.


If it wasn't made clear in the movie, Kandor is also in the Man of Steel as it is Krypton's capital city. I suppose we can rule out Braniac bottling it up. Kandor concept art: