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Axel Alonso Talks Difference Between Marvel NOW! And DC Comics' New 52

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 07/07/2012 - 17:28


There is obviously going to be those that say Marvel is following in DC Comics' footsteps with Marvel NOW!, the relaunch taking place in October.

Last September, DC Comics released 52 #1's in addition to a new Universe that was a huge success.

So it really comes to no surprise that Marvel is doing something similar. 

However, more than a few of the DC Comics titles had a bit of controversy attached.

Ron Marz off Voodoo is one that I recall; Gail Simone with Firestorm, I believe; the recent news about George Perez and Superman — and there have been a host of other artist changes as well.

To add to that, more than a handful of the New 52 titles have recently been cancelled.

Well, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso took to his weekly column at CBR to state that Marvel will not be following DC exactly.

And a couple things I want to emphasize: Marvel NOW! starts with the creators, so don't expect writer shake-ups across the line by the fourth or fifth issue, or half the titles to get cancelled and replaced by a new #1. We aren't throwing $#!# at a wall, seeing what falls off and then replacing it with more $#!#. [Laughs] We're building books we expect to last. Retailers that order them, and fans that read them, will be purchasing new ongoing titles, not limited series. Also, Marvel NOW! unfolds across four months, not one. Each week, we will be offering at least one new entry-point into the Marvel Universe for readers -- old, lapsed and new. It's a patient rollout that demonstrates respect for the fan and his wallet. [Laughs]