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Avengers vs. X-Men: Patrick Stewart Weighs in

Avengers vs. X-Men: Patrick Stewart Weighs in

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Sun, 02/19/2017 - 21:57
Avengers vs. X-Men: Patrick Stewart Weighs in

Avengers vs. X-Men? Who wins?!

Well, according to Professor Xavier, the X-Men can give the Avengers a super powered mutant beat down! 

"X-Men versus? I don’t know who the Avengers are… Of course, I do. There’s no contest. Bring on Famke Jansen, James Marsden… We’ll sort them out," Stewart told while doing press for Logan.

While of course it's not surprising that Patrick Stewart would pick the X-Men, I think I would  be a tough battle.

Depending on what members made up each team, who would be able to take on Hulk and Thor from X-Men? Colossus would get crushed. Maybe if the X-Men had the help of the Juggernaut or a telepath?

While Jean Grey is pretty formidable, I would probably stick Scarlet Witch on her. Scarlet Witch's hex powers might be more than a match for Jean Grey's mutant mind powers.

Obviously everything would depend on how it's written; for example, not letting Xavier simply shut down the Avengers with his mind, etc.

While we may never see the Avengers vs. X-Men on the big screen, I've been postulating that there may be an X-Men and Marvel TV/Inhumans crossover in the works as the Marvel TV guys are working pretty close with Fox on Legion and the new X-Men TV series.

"Logan" hits March 3rd.