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Avengers: Infinity War Saved Captain America In Civil War

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 08/25/2016 - 17:06

While Captain America: Civil War may have seemed like more show than actual substance as there seemed to be no ramifcations, now two things are learned about the movie offering what went down in the movie actually mattered.

The film took a different road than the Civil War comics in that Captain America actually survives.

Now we find out why.

It's because of Thanos.

Captain America: Civil War directors and writers spoke with HP about the ending to the film. They not only let it be known that Cap survived because of Avengers: Infinity War, but also that Steve Rogers no longer considers himself "Captain America" anymore; so we do see the end of the movie with Cap dropping the shield and the Avengers splitting actually makes its way throughout other Marvel movies.

Regarding dropping the Captain America mantle:

“I think him dropping that shield is him letting go of that identity,” Joe Russo said. “[It’s] him admitting that certainly the identity of Captain America was in conflict with the very personal choice that he was making.”

Why Captain America survived:

“There’s a big purple guy coming. He could be very helpful,” added writer Christopher Markus.

"The Avengers: Infinity War" has a May 4, 2018 release.