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Artist Pete Woods Leaving Vibe On His Own Terms & Still Friendly With DC Comics

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 05/22/2013 - 21:51


Arist Pete Woods has announced that he is leaving Vibe and DC Comics.

As there have been a number of creative changes at DC - with some rather heated accusations at times - Woods has made it known that the decision to leave Vibe was his, and that he leaves on good terms with DC editorial.

Pete Woods also makes it known that he is leaving Vibe because he is working on another project that has been a favorite of his since childhood.

Any guesses?

Woods writes on his Facebook:

 I was kinda reserved about this last week and mentioned it in a thread, but this is more of an official thing.

I'm currently halfway through drawing issue 6 of VIBE which will be my final issue. The next major project I do will not be a DC project. 

With all the sensationalism that goes on these days I feel I should make several things clear. 
First- I LOVE working on VIBE and hate to leave it. It's a fantastic book and exactly what fans always say they want. Sterling Gates is doing a kick-ass job and there's plenty more fun in the future of the character. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE- if you haven't tried VIBE then give it a shot. It's fantastic. Even without me drawing it 
Second- DC Editorial is not a pack of megalomaniacal egotists out to dictate their sexist, violent, high-collared view of what the DCU should be. They are in fact a group of dedicated professionals working hard to bring you the freshest, most exciting comics they possibly can. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with these people and I hope that I can again in the future. They have been my family and I love them.
Third- I am leaving VIBE of my own volition. No big, mean editor fired me. They didn't ignore my service of over a decade because they're heartless and cruel. DC has been good to me and committed to keeping me employed. They are good people. I am leaving VIBE because I was presented with an opportunity from another publisher to help launch a property that I have loved since I was a kid. It was an opportunity that presents itself once or twice in a lifetime and I simply could not turn it down.
I am sorry to those who might feel let down by me leaving VIBE. As I said it was not an easy decision to make. Brian Cunningham is a great editor and I'm sure whoever he gets to take my place will make you a happy camper.

If you stuck through all that then thank you. I hate seeing all the bashing DC

Vibe #6 hits in July.