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Aquaman Rumored To Take The Flash Release Date

Aquaman Rumored To Take The Flash Release Date

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Mon, 11/07/2016 - 17:20
Aquaman Rumored To Take The Flash Release Date

With Rick Famuyiwa recently departing The Flash over "creative differences," it's now rumored that James Wan and Jason Momoa's Aquaman may take the March 2018 release date of The Flash

If the rumor holds true, that would mean Aquaman will move from its current July 27, 2018 release to a March 16, 2018 release. It has been suggested The Flash movie production and release date will be delayed, so the Aquaman rumor may have some merit.

Tracking Board is also suggesting that Warner Bros. looks at Aquaman as being a very big and important film with an "insider" even going so far as to say that internally Aquaman is bigger than Suicide Squad.  It's further said Aquaman is "seen as a groundbreaker and keenly important" and that "everyone [is] in something of a tizzy" over the movie.

The site also goes on to state fans really shouldn't be worried too much about The Flash movie losing its director, because it's not like Rick Famuyiwa is James Wan, a director who has brought in billions. It's suggested if James Wan is to ever bail on Aquaman (something Wan has denied), then that's the time to starting worrying about the DC slate of Justice League movies.

It's further said in the report that Justice League "looks dynamite,"; that Justice League is "totally different from anything [Zack] Snyder has done before and is "reasonably coherent as a movie."

Regarding the upcoming Gal Gadot Wonder Woman movie, it's said "everybody is really excited about Wonder Woman, which looks amazing and is in good hands with Patty Jenkins," which is something WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara recently stated. The site also goes on to say the reason for Michelle MacLaren leaving Wonder Woman's director's chair is because she was in "way over her head and not prepared to make the movie the company wanted her to make."