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Another New Man of Steel Kryptonian Revealed

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 05/01/2013 - 20:36

Just a few days ago, a Man of Steel children's book revealed a new Kryptonian villain with Nam-Ek.

Now joining General Zod, Faora and Nam-Ek is -- Tor-An!

Below you can check out a LEGO comic book that features the Kryptonian, Tor-An.

In the comics, Tor-An served under General Zod and was actually a Kryptonian sleeper agent on Earth, under the guise of a human, David Carter, CEO of the Empire Communications Network based out of Sydney Australia.

(via super fan Jeff Swope via the Man of Steel Fan Facebook)



Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.

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