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Annihilators Earthfall #1: Last Page Spoiler

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/05/2011 - 12:38

pic Really no surprise if you have been following any of the news or reading all the solicits, but you can check out for yourself the last page to Annihilators: Earthfall #1.

The issue was a VAST improvement over its predecessor, in both story and art.

It's a fast paced all action issue that sees the Annihilators respond to an even bigger threat than the one initally thought to be just the Universal Church of Truth.

And it brings them to Earth!

The issue covers all the basis, too. There is a quick blurb about the Surfer not being present. Though it is not stated why, we see an obvious heavy hitter missing from the Assemblers, which is most likely the reason. There is dialogue between the Annihilators over their "attack" on Earth, with comparison to Ikon's homeworld from last issue, as well.

As the story reaches it's climax, we see the Annihilators look to be the bad guys, with the Avengers assembling to combat the cosmic threat from the stars!

Let's take a look at the players involved. There have been a number of fanboys on the message boards that state the Avengers just can't hold up. Earth's Mightiest vs. the Galaxy's Mightiest - who wins?!

Let's keep in mind, though, that the Annihilators just don't have the Avengers to contend with - as the UCT is present in disguise, as well.

Cosmo will be the most difficult, and who the Avengers should attempt to take out first. I'm not sure if any of the Avengers are protected from psionic attacks, Iron Man, maybe?

I would stick Rulk and Wolverine on Gladiator. Rulk is a tough as they come, and Wolverine has scrapped with G before.

Put Iron Man on Ikon.

I would have the Thing take on Beta Ray Bill. I'm not sure if ol' blue eyes could take down the last (or second last) Korbinite, but he could at least slow him down some.

Valkyrie and Spider-Man on Ronan. Spidey could be doing all the annoying things that he does, with Valkyrie there for the assist.

This leaves the most powerful of all Annihilators.


Quasar is going to come head to head with his mentor, and the man that welcomed him into the Avengers, Captain America. Likewise, Ms. Marvel will be at Cap's side as she has had experiences with the Qster as Binary. If Quasar hesitates, the Avengers might just take the advantage.

Hawkeye is reported to be assembling as well, and will most likely be offering his own assistance in the form of range attacks.

I think this battle comes down to Quasar. Most of the Avengers can basically hold their own against the other Annihilators. 

With a universe at stake, what is a Protector of the Universe to do?!

Decisions. Decisions.

Find out later this month as the Annihilators vs. Avengers explodes in Annihilators: Earthfall #2!


Penciled by TAN ENG HUAT
From the fallout of ANNIHILATION and the end of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, an all-too-familiar cosmic threat has returned, this time with Earth as his beachhead. His followers span a thousand worlds, awaiting only the word to begin new wars in his name… unless the ANNIHILATORS can silence him first! So why do THE AVENGERS stand in their way, and what are the true stakes if either side fails? Plus, continuing our backup adventure, it’s MOJO versus ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT onstage for a high-stakes campy cosmic free-for-all!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99