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Andy Diggle & Tony Daniel New Team On Superman Action Comics

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/10/2012 - 12:49


With Grant Morrison departing Action Comics and super hero comics in general, DC Comics has named Andy Diggle as the new writer on the Superman book.

Diggle will join artist Tony Daniel on Action Comics #18 as the pair become the new creative team.

Diggle offers the following on the direction he will take with Action Comics over at CBR:

I don't know how much I can talk about how it will relate to other titles, but like I said, I very much want to balance the extremely epic, massive-scale action heroics with the human side of Kal-El and Clark Kent too. I would like to see him explored a little bit more. And I would like to see his relationship with Lois Lane explored a little bit more in the New 52.

Obviously, the relationship with Wonder Woman is going to complicate that whole dynamic. That could all seem pretty predictable, but with the Wonder Woman wildcard there, it makes everything a little bit more interesting and dramatic.

One of things that really appeals to me about coming into "Action Comics" now is the fact that, with the creation of the New 52, continuity has stopped exploding for the first time in years. It's created a level playing field where you can actually go in and start building new stories from the ground up without having the continuity turmoil, which used to be the case for a long time. It's actually very exciting to build something new, and everyone at DC is pulling in the same direction. Everyone is building this new continuity from the ground up and giving it a degree of internal cohesion and internal logic rather than piecing it together over decades, which is what we had before. That's exactly what you want as a writer in a shared universe.