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Andrew Lincoln Talks Negan's Saviors In The Walking Dead

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Mon, 11/30/2015 - 20:14


AMC happened to release a two-minute prologue for last night's The Walking Dead (watch here) which name-dropped Negan.

In the comics, Negan's followers are known as "The Saviors," and now we hear from Andrew Lincoln about the nefarious group. caught up with Lincoln who offered the following:

It almost feels like the end of episode 9 is a chapter finish, and then episode 10 is a completely different flavor, something we’ve never seen before in the show. And then what begins to happen — because we’ve been looking so inwardly, and it’s been much more about group dynamic and security — suddenly what happens is that the world starts to get a little bigger, and with that, we lift our heads up to the horizon, and in many instances the horizon is a beautiful in one direction, and in other directions it’s a terrible, terrible nightmare. It’s an exciting time.

We were shooting a scene in episode 16 and there was an energy on set that I haven’t felt since season 1. It’s such an exciting thing in so many ways because it was incredibly tough to shoot this scene and it was also something that we hadn’t seen before with Rick. It was a place that I hadn’t been to before as well as other people; it’s very, very thrilling. And also it just felt like we were going into deeper darker waters, and it felt right — the timing felt right, and I just had a feeling of what I felt in that first season, when I thought “Oh, I wonder what we’re doing here; I wonder what this is?” And it had that same level of commitment from everybody — and that was in the final episode of season 6. But it was an amazing, exciting, thrilling place to finish the season.

But in answer to your question I would say yes, they’re incredibly bad, far more organized, and far more terrifying than anything we’ve ever seen before. And things start to get very, very, very dark. But I mean, there is a glint of hope before that, and actually I think episode 9 and 10 are a couple of my favorite episodes. I think 9 more than anything when I read it, it kind of just blew my mind. I was like, “Are we going to be able to shoot it?” But then when it started to happen it took on a life of its own, and it felt like everything the show does well is encapsulated in that episode. Yeah it’s one of my favorites we’ve ever done. Saying that, I think the run-in to 16 is the strongest we’ve ever done. It’s just amazing — it just runs to the end. 

The Walking Dead returns in February with Jeffrey Dean Morgan set to play Negan.

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