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AMC Screws over The Walking Dead and Why Darabont Left

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 08/04/2011 - 17:25

picI know I am not the only one who thought it odd that Frank Darabont (creator/writer/executive producer) was promoting The Walking Dead at the recent San Diego Comic Con only to have stepped down a day or so later.

Now, speculation is hitting the net just why.

Recently, the creator and executive producer on AMC's Mad Men, Matt Weiner, received a hefty new two year contract to the tune of $10 million per season.

In turn, AMC has asked both The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad to cut their bugets - with TWD slashing about $250,000 per episode.

Of course, it is not related - at least AMC isn't directly addressing it.

Apparently, Sony Television, the studio behind Breaking Bad, was pretty ticked about the terms, and shopped the show around to F/X. However, it appears a deal is trying to be made between Sony and AMC.

Getting back to The Walking Dead (which AMC owns) the show averaged almost more viewers than Breaking Bad and Mad Men combined. TWD with 6.3 million viewers to Mad Men's 4.3 million and Breaking Bad's 2.3 million. 

It was previously speculated that Darabont might have had trouble adjusting to the lower budget of television shows.

Maybe he just has trouble adjusting to getting screwed over? Note: Darabont has not comment either.

AMC President Charlie Collier stated, "The viewer will see we're making shows that will look like a movie every week."

Yeah, a B movie!

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