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Alien Rage Launch Trailer Now Online

Posted By: Staff
Mon, 09/23/2013 - 10:45

CI Games has released the launch trailer for the Alien Rage video game.

The time has come.
The war is about to start.
Take a look why and when, and find out what you are about to experience with Alien Rage - a real old school hardcore shooter.
Let`s combine your fury with our weapons, so not a single enemy can stay alive 

Alien Rage will make its assault on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC worldwide in Autumn 2013. The sci-fi shooter blends together a classic FPS with stunning graphics where players will be immersed in fierce battles across 14 levels. Players will be equipped with 10 weapons that are designed with two unique firing modes that need to be used to strategically when faced with an onslaught of enemies or in boss-battles. The enemy AI provides a challenging adrenaline rush that will test players run and gun skills to the maximum.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, players will encounter hours of brutal gameplay at close combat. Alien Forces have been let loose on a mission to destroy everything in their path. Players will need to battle it out in true arcade FPS style to defeat 21 types of enemy and eight destructive bosses, setting a beautiful extreme visceral experience.

In Alien Rage players will unleash a fury of powerful weapons as they blast their way through armies of Alien forces hell-bent on taking them down. Battling through 14 intense levels, players will be able to discover and equip ten epic weapons each designed with two unique, strategic firing modes to prepare to face a barrage of enemies and unstoppable mega-sized bosses that will push players FPS skills to the limit. With unforgiving enemy AI, players must utilize tactical manoeuvres to not only get an advantage in battle but to simply survive the intense old-school styled shooter experience in Alien Rage