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Alan Taylor Wants To See Thor 3 In Regards To Thor 2 Ending (Video)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 11/11/2013 - 16:21


Spoilers follow for Thor 2.

Loki was thought perished in Thor 2 battling Malekith and Kurse, but when the Asgardian soldier informed Odin that they found the body we saw a slight smirk on the soldier.

Then at the end of Thor 2 when Thor stated he didn't want to be king, we saw it was much to the delight of Loki who was pretending to be Odin.

Speculation immediately led to either Loki having killed Odin or Loki having just pretended to be Odin while the king was away.

Depending how well Thor 2 continues to do at the box office we may get our answer as Alan Taylor, Kevin Feige and Anthony Hopkins offer their thoughts.

While none of them specifically state Odin is dead, Alan Taylor offers it would be nice to see that picked up on in Thor 3.

"What it really does is raise a bunch of questions that I hope are answered in Thor 3 at some point," Taylor said. "It creates a situation I want to see more of. I hope it as the affect on everybody else."

Kevin Feige was mum as well, but stated they do have ideas.

"We have very good ideas as to whether the All-Father is still with us or not," added Feige.

Regarding Anthony Hopkins, he didn't admit Odin was dead as well, but stated he may have had enough of Thor.

"Maybe Odin dies. I don't know," Hopkins offered. "I've done two. That's enough."

Thor: The Dark World is currently in theaters.

Check out the video for more from Alan Taylor, Kevin Feige, Anthony Hopkins and Chris Hemsworth talking Thor 2: