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Agents Of SHIELD Ghost Rider Will Return

Matt McGloin
Posted: 12/19/2016 - 18:07

With Marvel's Agents of SHIELD having it's best first-half of the season to date with Ghost Rider, and with the upcoming LMD story not looking all that great, the return of Ghost Rider can't get here fast enough, even with a hellfire-fueled 1969 Dodge Charger.

The good news is that there are plans for more Ghost Rider, but exactly how, what, when, where and why remains just as mysterious as the Ghost Rider himelf.

"I know some things," actor Lorenzo Henrie, who plays Robbie’s brother, Gabe, on Agents of SHIELD told Fan Fest (via Screen Rant). "They are on a winter break right now, but all I know is, I’m pretty sure it’s not the end for Ghost Rider. I know they have some things up their sleeves. It’s gonna be sick."

There has been talk that Ghost Rider, played by Gabriel Luna, could get a spinoff either in the form of another ABC series or what most fans are hoping for, a new Ghost Rider Netflix series, but nothing has been confirmed to date. More than likely Marvel TV and ABC weren't sure about the reception of Ghost Rider (or the future of Agents of SHIELD) and only planned on the initial Agents of SHIELD Ghost Rider episodes; however, now with Ghost Rider being such a success, Marvel TV is hopefully going full throttle. 

"Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" returns Tuesday, January 10th at 10pm ET on ABC.


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