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Age of Ultron #10 Spoilers

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 06/19/2013 - 09:09

Well, Age of Ultron actually leaked online yesterday in its entirety.

No surprise there, but we already knew some of the details with the "big" reveal of Angela.

Curiously enough, Marvel Cosmic fans probably read a familiar story; one dealing with cracks in time and space with Ultron involved.

Basically what happens is the universe gets broken (an infinite amount of times?) due to Wolverine time traveling a couple of times, and as any Doctor Who fan will tell you, that's a big no no.

Well, Hank Pym tells Hank Pym about Ultron in which Pym creates a back door program of sorts to ultimately put his child down.

What the back door really is, is a program that gets initiated when Ultron tries to put a stop to it/overwrite it. So in a way Ultron is really responsible for his own downfall.

However, all the messing with time causes rips in time and space.

And not just in one Universe, but (I guess) all of them as we are witness to Miles Morales Spider-Man and Galactus from the Ultimate Marvel universe in the pages of a regular Marvel comic book. It didn't look like the two universes actually combined, just that the Ultimate U. was affected. Well, at least not combined, yet, should we say?

On the plus side, Richard Rider did make an appearance in the form of a memory scene that, I think, showed various Marvel events getting -- something? Not sure if they were undone, overwritten, broken or just shook up. Probably - or not - we'll find out more in Hickman's Infinity this August.

Obviously the last page reveal was of Angela, as she is mad and coming for someone or something.

Can't help but think of DnA's stuff as Ultron is involved (Annihilation: Conquest) leading to the Guardians of the Galaxy with the Guardians trying to fix all the broken fissures in space (War of Kings, Realm of Kings, Thanos Imperative) which created The Fault and Cancerverse, Lord Mar-vell, etc.

Looks like another under whelming Marvel Event. Will Hickman's be any different? Time will tell.