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Advanced Review: X-O Manowar #2

Posted By: chrisb
Tue, 06/05/2012 - 08:57

Valiant is exploding on the scene this week! Not only does the amazing Harbinger #1 hit the shelves at your local comic shop this Wednesday, but the second installment of Robert Venditti and Cary Nord'sX-O Manowar does as well!

Issue two of Valiant's flagship series begins directly after Aric and his most trusted ally, Gafti, are captured during an escape attempt. Though they are beaten and thrown into a slave pit by the alien race known as the Vine, Aric cannot help but dwell on the artifact they saw while they looked for an exit. The suit of armor, that seemed almost alive, will steel Aric's heart and strengthen his resolve to one day escape the horror that has become his life! If he cannot choose how he will live, he most certainly will choose how to die — fighting!

Venditti and Nord have created another classic issue that will stoke the fires in any man's belly to live free and fight against oppression! This is a rallying tale about rising yourself up from bleak circumstances and choosing to die under foot or become master of your own fate! It is a story that will leave Aric scarred, broken, and beaten physically, but it will also solidify him as a leader of men and a warrior king! One that will wait, planning his precise moment to strike a blow against his captors — claiming freedom as his ultimate prize! 

Visually stunning and conceptually brilliant, this testosterone infused tale will send any adrenaline junkie into an euphoric state! The build up and characterization of Aric as a TRUE leader of men — is pure, classic storytelling at its finest. If you are a fan of heroes that will not falter in the face of extreme odds, than you need look no further to find your new favorite book — X-O Manowar is the one for you!

With only three books under their collective belts, Valiant, has become a breath of fresh air in the comic world! If you are looking for amazing books that will give you a truly satisfying read this Wednesday - be bold, be adventurous - be Valiant!